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The AI Revolution: AI Image Recognition & Beyond

We’ve also developed a plugin for improving the performance of this neural network model up to ten times thanks to the use of NVIDIA TensorRT technology. There are several open databases containing millions of tagged images that you can use for training your custom machine learning applications and algorithms. ImageNet and Pascal VOC are among […]

Automated Image Capturing System for Deep Learning-based Tomato Plant Leaf Disease Detection and Recognition IEEE Conference Publication

Enhancing consumer experience has been a challenge for retail outlets facing competition from e-commerce. More so for luxury brands, where consumer purchase experiences count as much as the products as a decisive factor. Recent technological developments allow luxury brands to become data driven and help understand customer preferences. In this white paper, analyst agency PAC […]

Streamlabs Chatbot Commands For Mods Full 2023 List

Welcome to the world’s largest guide collection and resource for Twitch and streaming related guides since 2016. NerdOrDie is one of the oldest and coolest overlay and alert creators in the streaming world. Importer allows you to import settings from other Twitch Chat Bots. Word protection will keep your chat as clean as you want […]

Exploring the potential of healthcare chatbots

On the other hand, with an OTP verification system, virtual assistants can ensure that only verified users schedule appointments in your facility. A healthcare virtual assistant can easily help you overcome the problem of managing appointments. It acts as a conversational agent to your patients to schedule an appointment with the relevant doctor in your […]

Use Cases Human resource management cannot limit by smartbots.ai

ChatGPT can also help to automate administrative tasks, such as scheduling orientation sessions or sending reminders to new hires about required training. An engaged employee understands and supports the company’s goals and purpose and contributes to making it happen. They genuinely care about seeing the organisation succeed and feel that they are part of it. […]

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